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Multiple language mishaps

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I am using SwiftKey for years, now on my Motorola Moto G5 plus and Galaxy Tab s2 9.7, both run stock Android 7.0
On both devices I have 3 languages installed, English UK, Dutch (NL) and German. My native language is Dutch and so most of my messages and mails are typed in this language. Since a couple of months however it appears that when typing Dutch texts there are a lot more "foreign" words predicted or inserted by SwiftKey. It completes Dutch words with English or German suggestions. This happens way more than before and is very annoying. My wife is having the same problems on her Galaxy S5+ by the way. 
Can you please fix this? Make the predictions more intelligent and based on the language of words which are already typed in the same text? Or make it possible to choose a primary language?

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Please notice this forum is not for bug report or submitting feature request. Only VIP topics are allowed here.


Here I'll give you the answer considering you posted for the first time: SwiftKey supports multilingual input by default and as a primary feature. It cannot be turned off.


If you want to ask further questions, please visit our support forum: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us


Current thread is locked.


Thank you for your understanding


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