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General feedback from users of Androidpolice

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Hi all, 


Not sure where to post this, so I'll leave it here.

The last public Beta has been released, with the addition of custom themes. There is an article on Android Police that talks about it, and commenters were keen to join in the discussion. There is some interesting piece of feedback that SwiftKey Community Managers might benefit from, and report to the devs. 


You will find the comments BELOW the article, in the Disqus section.


Link to the comments here. 

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Hi Michael,


AP is my favorite Android blog to read. I tend to jump in there and respond to people when I see them write about us. If you visit the link now, you'll see my commenting. 


Thanks for sharing. 

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8 minutes ago, Micheal said:

No problem! Great replies of yours, AP commenters are quite rough, it's difficult to start a peaceful conversation :D

Yea, they can be savages over there. I only jump in where i feel like I can provide value to the conversation. 

I see no point in jumping into toxic conversations. 

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