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Changing the order of listed themes

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I just had an idea about something I had to think about a long ago and everytime I switch a theme, I trip on that idea again.


The themes are are shown in the category 'galery' (=all) and the ones that were downloaded. 


The section of my themes should have a little setting to change the order of the shown list. It would be great to switch between 'mostly used', 'latest download' and 'recomended'.  


Mostly used: Should list themes first that have been  used ofen 


Latest: should list themes in order of the time it was download (so new ones are shown first to remember them, most people download new themes at once but can't find the latest ones in the long list). 


Recommend: should list themes that look close to the style of themes that were used ofen or could be a good choice in context of the theme that is used at the moment.


What do you think about this, dear community? Do you feel the same or have some other ideas that could be useful for next developmene steps?



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